Our Technology

Technology in trading is ever evolving. Wedbush Futures takes pride in being proactive with our technological solutions in order to provide the most value to our clients and the greatest opportunity for success.

Wedbush Futures, in partnership with our technology affiliate company, Lime Brokerage, provides our clients with advanced capabilities in Risk Management, Market Access, and Pre-Trade
and Post-Trade Processing.

  • Our low-latency fiber optic network is designed specifically for high-bandwidth market data and high-volume trading activity.
  • We are constantly seeking ways to deliver the most cost-effective and optimized technology for our clients.
  • We offer multiple redundant pathways to major exchange venues.
  • We provide scalable and agile solutions for market access with partner ISVs to all market centers.

Although modern markets are connected and complex, Wedbush Futures through Lime, has the connections to help our clients trade across multiple asset classes. Wedbush Futures offers clients national and limited global market access, with a keen focus on remaining scalable, flexible, and agile.

• Regardless of an increase in size and demand, Wedbush Futures maintains a high level of efficiency and performance in helping our clients maximize their gains.
• Wedbush Futures caters to individual needs and works with our clients to acquire optimized solutions.
• We can easily adapt to client requests, as we are able to quickly add market access to our service offerings.